Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scoring Digits

This is the note a man gave me at the bar last night after declaring himself my first Korean friend. It says: "Junho - friend...?? 칭구 [ching gu, the Korean word for friend] - ha ha. - [A series of symbols which I think are meant to be numbers and represent his phone number] - calling!!"

Also in the course of the evening he hand fed my co-teacher and I popcorn and told me repeatedly that he was waiting for my call. I think he's a keeper.

My family should also note that upon telling the bartenders that I lived in Texas their immediate reaction was "Texas Cahinshaw! Texas Chainshaw" followed by chainsaw noises and pretending to cut one another with imaginary chainsaws.

Bar adventures aside, everything's really good here. Today is our first day of teaching, but the classes are going to be really small until the 11th because a lot of the kids have midterms at their public schools until then. This is good for me because I don't know how many little hellions I can keep under control yet. Ok, that's all for now.

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