Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Pictures of Ulsan

I finally took some pictures after being here for six weeks. Me and two of the girls I work with attempted yesterday and failed to find the beach in Ulsan. We did find ocean at least which was pretty, and I took pictures which conveniently edited out the industrial, rocky, dead fish ridden area in which we actually ended up. Here are some pictures:

Here are the carefully edited pictures that could make one assume that we were at a nice beach...if one disregards the smog in picture one and the garbage in picture two.

 These are the pictures that more accurately represent the area we found. There were a lot of dead fish, particularly fish heads.
Here's me with my one seashell and the ugly industrial background. I'm making my "Where's the real beach because this one is atrocious and hideous" face.

 This is the park across the street from my apartment building. It looks really pretty with the leaves right now. One night i was walking home for work and an emo Korean teenage girl was having a mini fire on that bench and burning things in front of her. Teenage angst knows no language.
 This is looking down my street from the from the front of my building. Again, it looks pretty with the leaves. The park is to the left of where the picture ends.
This is on of the main streets near where I live at nighttime. There are cooler areas for nighttime pictures, with more lights and buildings, so I'll try to get some pictures of those at some point. This gives you the gist.

So anyway, those are a few pictures so people can see a bit of Ulsan. I also finally have internet in my apartment now, so I can update about all sorts of silly things more regularly. On that note, I bid you adieu.

Friday, November 5, 2010

This Seriously Happened

Friday is essay final copy day. Kids write an essay each week for Monday. I collect and grade the essays and return them to the students. The students then type and submit the final copies of their essays on Friday. This is seriously something that was handed in to me today.

For a sense of scale, the "essay" is sitting on the side of my computer. It is the same width as approximately four keys. As for the picture which inexplicably serves as the background....I have no words.