Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Believe the Children are our Future....

....but if that's true, South Korea is doomed. No, I'm kidding. Today is the end of the first week of teaching. In generally the kids are really great. They're inadvertently hilarious all the time, but some of them are a bit naughty. One of my favorites is called Kevin (all of the kids have English names for English school) and despite the fact he really cannot sit still for the 40 minutes of class, he cracks me up. The other day we had a reading about tornadoes and, after insisting that he knew what a tornado was but repeatedly drawing a circle with dots on it with a plant growing out of the top as a representation of said tornado, we finally determined that he was confusing tornado and potato. Later in class the word tomato came into the mix as well. Kevin also currently has a cast on his arm which he spends about half of each class trying to slide his arm out of, and i think he once was trying to tell me that his father hit his sister with a baseball bat, but that it was ok, because he only hit her lightly. He also expressed extreme concern when we read a story about a silly family who ate dinner in the bathtub saying, "Oooohhh! Teacher, no! Dirty, dirty!" I have another little girl who loves E.T. and tried to tell me the reading was incorrect when it stated that nothing can live on Mars, because, of course, what about E.T.?

Not all of the kids are so funny though. I have two classes of kids who just stare at me wide eyed. You would have thought I threatened their lives the first day or something. They act terrified. Two of them are these little twins girls who both always look so afraid. When they get extra afraid (e.g. I look at one of them, or, god forbid, ask one of them a question) they stare look at one another with what I can only imagine is their twin ESP "The crazy foreign lady just asked me a question, and to survive the remainder of class I now need the aid of the dual life force we shared in the womb" look.

For the most part though, things are going very well. I have yet to buy myself any hangers, so my clothes storage method consists of all my shirts and sweaters laid on top of each other on top of my suitcase in the middle of the room. I also have yet to purchase a pot or pan, so cereal has been a main staple of my diet.

That's all for now. I hope everyone's doing well at home. I'll update more regularly when I get internet in my apartment. Adios for now.

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  1. do they just call you "teacher"? or "miss kim"?